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This lj is for posting fiction about One World By Night characters. It is presumed that posters will avoid publishing material that could be used to metagame, but nevertheless it bears mentioning that all material here is strictly OOC knowledge, and may not be used IC.

Fiction here may involve dead characters, or alternative timelines where certain events that happened in OWbN never happened. Fiction may misrepresent details of events or characters. It's fiction--and works published here are presented for entertainment only, not for use in game.

Do not place current information about living PCs here, in order to be able to charge players who legitimately gain the material IC elsewhere with metagaming. That would force me to close membership, just so I can kick you off.

Do not flame people on this forum. That would force me to close membership, just so I can kick you off.

If material is co-authored, please make sure all authors are comfortable with it being published here.

Please include the following heading information:

Where does it fall in OWbN timeline:
Chronicle of origin:
Alternate timeline/events?:
Disclaimer: (you are not challenging WW copyright---etc.)
Warnings: (warn readers of graphic violence or sex. Try to give readers an idea of what you will be describing, so the squeamish can avoid things that bother them)